Diversi-Con is a pop culture convention geared toward any and every person in the vast LGBTQ+ community. Based on the idea that representation in media matters, this convention honors both the creators who use television, film, art, literature, and other mediums to tell diverse stories and for the fans for whom such work means so much. This con will be a safe place to celebrate gender, sexual, and other identities of all forms, through a weekend of panel discussions, parties, and opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite creators and performers who’ve helped tell stories we have identified with and found solace in.

We are committed to having a widespread scope to include all sections of the LGBTQ+, making us different from other cons out there. Whether you identify as lesbian, gay, pan, male, female, non-binary, transgender–or any other sense of personhood, this con celebrates YOU.

Complementary to our commitment to the theme of diversity, we also believe in giving back and environmental conservation, so we are incorporating charity into our events and will be limited waste and ecologically friendly.

Media serves as a voice for people, and conventions are a place where people can come together from all over the world to revel in their shared interests and celebrate how a show, or book, or movie has impacted their life. The LGBTQ+ community is among the most historically underrepresented communities in pop culture, but what we do get gives us hope and inspiration–it gives us life. With that said, join us at Diversi-Con, an event designed to help show us all that no matter what challenges we face today, the future is indeed bright… or rainbow.

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